Tempering and molding courses

Tempering and molding courses

Love chocolate? Want to get even more pleasure out of this amazing food? Then why not step behind the scenes and get to know how those who lovingly craft this amazing treat get it just right.

From the selection of the finest ingredients to creating that fine balance between bitter and sweet, the work of a chocolatier is precise and unique. With so much more to it than just throwing ingredients together and melting them down, a course in chocolate making will take you through the finer details.

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Learn about how the ingredients are sourced and the origins of chocolate making. You’ll discover why some staples are better than others, depending on the type of chocolate you’re making and why being picky is important to help maintain the highest standards of chocolate creation.

In our individual or group courses you’ll also have the chance to take part in Tempering and moulding courses that give you the insight into how to shape and mould your chocolate to exactly the design you desire. That might be a bog standard bar, beautiful seashells or something altogether different.

If you’re looking at creating some chocolates with a little more to them then a course will also help you to get to grips with creating different textured centres. Don’t limit yourself to a plain dark or milk chocolate centre but let your imagination roam with a soft, delectable truffle centre covered with the chocolate of your choice. Your course leader will unpack all the secrets of the chocolatier.

Once you’ve learnt the art of creating exciting centres and of how to successfully coat and dip them, you’ll move on to the art of packaging up your creations for maximum dramatic effect. Say goodbye to bog standard boxes or plastic tubs and hello to bespoke gift wrapping that tells your loved one you’ve gone the extra mile.

Individual or Group Bookings Available

Our courses start at 10am or 2.30pm and finish at around 4pm. Besides getting the guidance and expertise of a chocolatier who has been crafting homemade chocolates for many years, you’ll also be offered a gourmet lunch, a course information book with all the contacts and recipes mentioned throughout the day and of course, all the goodies you’ve made during the course.

For those wishing to book as a group, you’ll be given the chance to see chocolate making up close and given lots of tips and tricks to try at home. Refreshments will be served and there will be the chance to buy some delicious handmade chocolates before you leave. A treat for you or a gift for a loved one, you’ll be inspired to get in the kitchen and start making your own chocolate creations after an afternoon learning from Julie in her workshop.

For a gift with a difference or a treat for your colleagues or club members, why not book up a chocolate making course today and see what makes these treats stand out from the everyday.