Homemade after-dinner chocolates

Homemade after-dinner chocolates

Hosting a dinner party is always a lovely way to spend some quality time with your friends, but if we’re being completely honest, most of us secretly really want to impress our friends with our skills when we invite them round for a dinner party. What better way to show off your cooking and hosting skills at a successful dinner party than presenting your guests with handmade after-dinner chocolates that you’ve made yourself?

Chocolate and other sweet making has a bit of a reputation for being a fiddly task, with a need for some specialist equipment and materials. This reputation for difficulty can put off even the keenest of home cooks from attempting to take on the challenge themselves. With a chocolate making class with Julie, the chocolate lady, you can learn all about chocolate making and get some essential tips to help you successfully create handmade after-dinner chocolates when you get home after class.

Julie teaches chocolate making classes to groups and individuals. During an individual class, you will learn how chocolate is made, the best materials to use, techniques in tempering and moulding, truffle making, how to dip and coat chocolates and some ideas for packaging and presentation. At the end of the class, you get a book of recipes so you can get to work on those handmade after-dinner chocolates yourself when the class is over. Your recipe book also includes some useful contacts, including where to buy your own chocolate making supplies. You’ll also of course get to take home everything you made, meaning you already have some chocolates you made yourself to show off.

For groups, Julie takes all kinds of group for chocolate making classes, such as pension clubs or groups of friends looking for a fun day out where they can learn something new. Whether you’re a WI group, or a hen party group looking for a different kind of activity, Julie’s class are fun and informative. A group class will give you all the basic techniques of chocolate making and lots of tips to help you recreate what you’ve learned at home.

If you can't get the hang of the chocolate making class, or find that you actually prefer someone else to make your chocolates for you, don’t worry. Julie can help you with that too. After your class, you will have the opportunity to buy beautiful handmade after-dinner chocolates and other chocolatey treats that have been made by the expert herself. It’s up to you whether you admit that you didn’t make them yourself when you serve them to your friends after dinner.

If you’re a chocolate fan, a class with Julie will give you a new appreciation for your favourite treat and help you to understand just what goes into the creation of artisan chocolates. Whenever you eat chocolate after the class, you’ll be able to use your new knowledge to spot the best quality choice, meaning you get delicious chocolates that you will be able to enjoy even more than before.